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そして、【「AY」:永遠に、「mindのM」:一心の想い、「.(ドット)」:果てしなく続く 】 をもとに、




様々な角度から自己表現をし、想いを伝えていきたいという強い願いから、2015年5月15日にフォトグラファーのYoshinori WatanabeとVarious.を立ち上げ2年半。

















The idea and birth of "AYM" is based on a thoughtful process and concept. It's origin comes from this philosophy:


No matter where I would be, using my family name in my work would make me feel like they were always close to me. This is the reason why I chose my nickname initials and came to this conclusion:

The "AY" means eternal love and the "M" stand for the "Mind" and would mean: "a continuous feeling that comes from within". The . (dot) represent something that is endlessly continuing. These elements give us the AYM. which will be the brand's name.


AYM.'s main purpose is to connect the art with the mind and heart.

On a global scale it has for purpose to gather lovers of art together.


The concept of AYM. according to Ayumi :


From my early age I would always express myself more easily with paintings than with words. It was the easiest way for me to express my feelings and thoughts.

May 15th 2015 / Photographer Yoshinori Watanabe and Various. collaboration :


While styling and hair make-up worked

 while continuing to distribute the Japanese culture and the flow of the seasons with the art with the fusion of art with their own ideas, supported by a lot of people, including the family, a lot of There was a wonderful encounter.


During this event where stylists and makeup artists worked hard to represent Japanese culture and their ability to work through the spirit of each season, a lot of ideas and concept flourished and were discussed with so many people including family and friends. It was an amazing experience with so many important encounters.


This event inspired me and made me ask myself if the dream I wanted to fulfill would ever become a possible thing ? Should I start it from now ?

While searching every day in the place called Tokyo, I deeply felt that "art is my alter ego".


After research and reflection in the wonderful city that is Tokyo i came to realize and deeply felt that "art is my alter ego". And it is how the concept was created.

You can't get everywhere by yourself so quickly , if you want to reach certain places you first need to go thought the process of meeting and knowing people, souls.


Focus on the art that you are creating and let it take you around the world.

For those who want to be seen for what they do and want to be given a chance let's first connect all together!

This was the deepest and most familiar feeling I ever had in my heart : "AYM".


I am at the starting point today. A place where I still have no idea of what is on the way. But this place I am is also a space where i can dream of creating a brand that can bring people joy and unite people together. Probably the most interesting part of the project.


Hope to connect with you through art, always.




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